The emotions that should be associated with power

The emotions that should be associated with power

The emotions that should be associated with power


All too often the old adage about power and corruption comes true. When used incorrectly, power can be an addictive feeling that can dehumanize those who have it. Even though we often think of power as something to be gained, it is actually something that everyone has. By practicing these emotions, everyone can be powerful but in a kind, gentle, and giving way.

Emotions for power

  1. Show love and warmth. Keep in mind that loving others is real power as many people have very little emotional warmth in their lives.
  2. Show appreciation and gratitude. Find something to be grateful for everyday. Then share your gratitude with others.
  3. Be curious. The desire for learning is contagious and curiosity cures boredom.
  4. Develop a passion and become excited about it. When you have a passion, life becomes more fun and your energy for living makes others feel good.
  5. Feed your determination. There is no reason to feel stuck, because with determination, you can find a solution. With determination, you can create lasting value in the world.
  6. Become emotionally flexible. Once you realize that you cannot control everything in your life, it is much easier to accept life for what it is. This is emotional flexibility and it breeds success.
  7. Practice confidence. Not everything will go your way, but if you are confident in your attempt, you will not feel so upset if you do not succeed. The attempt was enough.
  8. Share cheerfulness. Emitting joy creates more joy. It is easy to be cheerful when you are curious, emotionally flexible, and loving.
  9. Care for you body and build your vitality. If you do not take care of yourself, then who will? Your physical and mental preparations for life are important. You cannot share your love, warmth, confidence, and gifts with the world if you cannot move around in the world.
  10. Contribute your gifts. You do not need to be a math whiz or have the healing touch. Your gift can be as simple as giving your time, your smile to a stranger, or your confidence to your child. When you are giving, you are living.


These ten gifts of power do not all have to be accomplished in any particular order or all at the same

play your hand with power emotions
play your hand with power

time. But, as you share them with the people around you, they will in turn do the same for others. This is what is truly powerful – giving people power to share their gifts.


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